Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil Mass

Parish of the Last Supper of Our Lord's "Easter Vigil Mass" was celebrated by our parish priest Rev. Fr. Angel Sanchez.

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil, dating back to at least the Roman times, takes place on Holy Saturday. The Easter Vigil is a service held in many Christian churches as the official celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The service includes the first use of the word alleluia since the beginning of Lent as well as the first Eucharist of Easter. 

Service of Light 

The atmosphere in the church is different: the holy water fonts are drained, all the lights are out, the tabernacle is empty. The service begins outside the church. A new fire is lit and blessed.

A Paschal Candle was prepared with these words while Rev. Fr. Angel Sanchez marks the candle:

Christ yesterday and today (vertical arm of the cross) the Beginning and the end (horizontal arm of the cross) Alpha (alpha above the cross) and Omega (omega below the cross) all time belongs to him (numeral 2 in upper left corner of cross) and all the ages (numeral 0 in upper right corner of cross) to him be glory and power (numeral 0 in lower left corner) through every age for ever. Amen (numeral 0 in lower right corner).

Rev. Fr. Angel Sanchez (left) were assisted here by Rogationist
Bro. Jorem Bellen (middle) and Bro. RG Cagbabanua (right).

Our parish priest lights the candle from the new fire, saying... "May the light of Christ, rising in glory, dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds....."

Please watch video here.

Liturgy of Baptism

Easter water is blessed, new members are brought into the Church through baptism, Six (6) adults were baptized last night.

In the name of the Father , and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...
Receiving the oil of catechumens.

...and later, all the faithful are blessed with water and renew their baptismal promises.

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